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A. Raheim White (They/Them/Anything In Love) is an experience. Raheim earned their Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Dance Performance & Choreography from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and New York University Tisch School of the Arts, respectively, with a semester study at the Taipei National University of the Arts. While at NYU, Raheim discovered the healing power of Reiki. This encounter shifted the trajectory of their life.

With strong curiosity and the need to develop tools for personal healing, Raheim was inspired to dive deeper. This led to certifications in Yoga, Social-Emotional Learning Facilitation, Meditation, and Akashic Record Reading. Through continued study, Raheim became a certified Reiki Master-Teacher and Sound Healer.  Raheim is passionate about wellness and assisting others in being their most authentically empowered selves. For their contributions to Chicago’s LGBTQ community. Raheim was honored to receive a Windy City Times’ 30 Under 30 Award.

Raheim has graced many stages. They have performed in Taipei, Montreal, Cuba, New York City, Dallas, LA, Miami, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and many other places in the US with various dance-theater companies. This diverse experience of culture and art aids Raheim in genuinely connecting to others. Raheim is purposeful and intentional with everything they venture to accomplish. They desire to be a beacon of Light to aid others in becoming more authentically empowered through mindfulness, movement, infinite possibilities and rapturous joy. 

Speaking Topics to Support Your Audience

It's Okay, From Self-Aware To Self Empowered

We are nuanced, multidimensional beings navigating a convoluted world. In order to be personally empowered, we must first learn to acknowledge, honor, and own our various aspects. By using the ancient Vedic teachings of the Koshas (5 levels of being) as a roadmap to understanding self, Raheim invites their audience to explore just how dynamic and unique each individual is and why it’s important to celebrate this. In owning our uniqueness, we consciously create the lives that we desire and deserve.

Participants learn/experience:
– The 5 aspects of Self
– How to claim, affirm, and command one’s personal energy
– How to calm anxiety and overbearing thoughts
– How to live more authentically empowered

Transformational Leadership: Creating A Space For All To Thrive

As directors and leaders of demanding projects, stress is an undesired byproduct of a flowing production. This stress can lead to loss of vision, burnout, emotional exhaustion, chronic pain and illness. In order to surpass these challenges, Raheim facilitates a progressive wellness development experience to provide leaders with effective self-care tools and mindset training to help their team members thrive.

Participants will learn/experience:
– 3 tools for creating a transformative space
– 3 breathing techniques for managing anxiety, stress, and calming the nervous system
– Various stretching techniques for increasing mobility, stress reduction, and boosting positive emotion
– A guided meditation to support a sense of grounding, presence, and safety

The Bliss Body: Experiencing the Koshas

In this movement workshop, we will explore how mindfulness practices enliven our connection to self. We will use guided meditation, yoga, dance and energy channeling in order to get more finely attuned to our Koshas (5 levels of being). We will also explore how intention and focus can be powerful devices of manifestation. Be prepared to re-discover the richness of your body with tools you can use beyond this workshop.

Participants will learn/experience:
-How to attune to one’s personal energy and the energy of others
– How to meditate and breathe properly to dissolve anxiety and cultivate joy.
– Processes to open, stretch, and strengthen the mental, physical, and energetic selves

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